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Instituto Robert Bosch

Instituto Robert Bosch

Its commitment in Curitiba earned the Instituto Robert Bosch a place on the shortlist for the CDG Unternehmerpreis in 2013.

Current information on the work of the Instituto Robert Bosch in Portuguese:

Founded in 1971, in the city of Campinas, Robert Bosch Institute was initially called Robert Bosch Charity Association. Its first social action was the construction of the Centro Médico (Medical Center) of Campinas.

Until 2004, the institute had a philanthropic action and worked through donations to several institutions in the cities where Bosch is installed. From that year on, a new concept and acting focus were decisive to transform the Association into Institute. This major change came up to align, strengthen and qualify social actions, focusing on education for the social development of communities close to Bosch's factories in Brazil, with own projects or in partnership with several institutions.

Robert Bosch Institute's achievements and conquests show its vocation for transforming actions within social field. Partnerships established along more than four decades of activities have already improved the quality life of thousands of persons.

Incentive to volunteer work also stands out in Robert Bosch Institute actions, stimulating associates' participation as volunteers. Currently, around 400 volunteers at several company's units act in projects such as Professions Cycle, Formare, Solidarity Gymkhana, Community Work and citizenship spot actions at Curitiba, Joinville e Pomerode units.

Besides projects directly related to volunteer work, Robert Bosch Institute acts in other fronts, such as Piece by Piece Project in Curitiba and support to several partner institutions in Campinas and Simões Filho-BA.

Another kind of action of Robert Bosch Institute is the cooperation with Primavera Hilfe für Kinder, an association founded by Bosch associates in Germany. The Institute acts as an intermediary for donations to social institutions in Brazil.