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Assistance for children – Primavera

Assistance for children – Primavera

Primavera - Helping children in need

Primavera is a organization of current and former employees of the Bosch group to help children sustainably in the slums and thus offer a new perspective.

An aid project set up by Grupo Primavera in Campinas, Brazil, in 1990 marked the start of an initiative by Bosch associates. Since then, the initiative has spread to many other Bosch Group locations including India, China, Mexico, Malaysia, and the Philippines, with a range of projects designed to help children. The first project also determined the name of the initiative – Primavera e.V. Current and former Bosch Group associates work within the organization to provide support for children who live in slums, thereby opening up new opportunities for them. All these associates are volunteers, which ensures that 100 percent of all donations go directly to the projects.