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Safe driving

Safe driving

UN Decade of Action

The UN General Assembly proclaimed the UN Decade of Action for Road Safety 2011-2020 in a landmark Resolution co-sponsored by 100 countries:

Bosch Automated driving

Bosch associate Armin Rühle on the future of automated driving:

Some 1.3 million people around the world die as a result of traffic accidents each year, and another 50 million are injured. This is why the United Nations has declared 2011-2020 the “Decade of Action for Road Safety”. The aim is to cut the number of traffic-related deaths by half during this period.

Bosch has been working to improve road safety for decades. For instance, its ESP® electronic stability program went into series production in 1995. After the seatbelt, ESP® is the most important safety system in the car. With the help of sensors, it detects imminent skidding and automatically intervenes to keep the vehicle on its course. According to studies, the anti-skidding system prevents almost half of all serious accidents involving only one vehicle. For this reason, ESP® has been mandatory for all newly registered vehicles in Europe since November of 2014.

This example shows how automation contributes to making driving safer. In particular, modern driver assistance systems help detect and prevent critical situations at an early stage. For instance, the Bosch driver drowsiness detection system analyzes the driver’s steering behavior and issues a warning if micro-sleep is imminent. By the same token, Bosch’s predictive emergency braking detects forward collisions and helps with braking. In the future, driver assistance systems will be able to support drivers in increasingly complex traffic situations. They may even be able to act on their own.