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Sustainable production

Sustainable production

Remanufacturing of used components

Information on Bosch eXchange can be found here:

Rexroth for Energy Efficiency

This is how Bosch Rexroth is helping companies improve their operational energy efficiency:

Technology and Innovation

Highly specialized associates develop innovative products to improve the quality of life:

Using natural resources economically and sustainably makes sense from more than just an ecological point of view. As a result of globalization, the raw materials required by industry have become scarcer and therefore more expensive. That is why the various divisions of Bosch are committed to reducing the volume of raw materials they use, and where possible feed materials back into the production cycle. Three examples:

• As part of the Bosch eXchange program, used car components are industrially remanufactured. Reconditioned starters, alternators and ignition distributors, for example, are used in vehicle repairs, and are up to 40 percent cheaper than the equivalent new parts. Around 2.5 million components are re-installed every year. Compared to production of new parts, this generates 23,000 metric tons less CO2.

• The machine tools used in industrial production at Bosch are equipped with variable-speed pump drives. Unlike standard pumps, these recognize part load operations and break times, for example, and adapt their speeds flexibly to suit the current requirements. This saves drive power from the outset, and also reduces heat build-up – many machines no longer require their own cooling system.

• Another of our own developments is the IndraLogic PLC lighting system. This ensures that the light in the production halls regulates itself – dependent on daylight and whether there are people present. This innovative system reduces the energy required for lighting by up to 60 percent.