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Environmental protection milestones

Environmental protection milestones

Key environmental indicators at a glance:

Key environmental indicators at a glance:


First environmental regulation

A binding regulation from the management board makes environmental protection an integral part of the corporate principles.


3S program

The launch of the 3S program derived from the German words “sicher” (safe), “sauber” (clean), and “sparsam” (economical) is intended to realize the company's vision of making motor vehicles all these things.


Integrated supply and disposal

The first integrated supply and disposal system is taken into operation in Stuttgart-Feuerbach.


Recycling center opens

Under the management of Bosch, leading power tool manufacturers open a joint recycling center in Willershausen.


Environmental management system

Decision to introduce an environmental management system at all manufacturing sites.


Environmental policy

The environmental policy of Bosch is set out in ten basic principles for environmental protection.


Common-rail system

The common-rail high-pressure diesel direct injection system and the VP44 high-pressure diesel injection pump go into series production.


First environmental report

We publish our environmental protection activities and data for the first time in the Environmental Report 1998.


Design for Environment (DfE)

In line with EU Directive 2000/53/EC on end-of-life vehicles, we are working with our customers to make products greener by setting up the DfE network.


Integrated management system

The management systems for quality, occupational safety, fire safety, and environmental protection are merged.


International steering committee

Setting up an international steering committee for occupational safety and environmental protection ensures global implementation of environmental policies.


Guidelines for occupational safety and environmental protection

The new guidelines incorporate occupational safety into the basic principles for environmental protection.


Deutscher Zukunftspreis (German Future Prize)

German President Horst Köhler presents Bosch with the prize for its fuel-saving piezo technology.


Eco-Manager of the Year

Franz Fehrenbach is named “Eco-Manager 2006” by the environmental foundation WWF and business magazine Capital.


Environmental innovations

No fewer than 40 percent of Bosch patent applications are geared toward protecting the environment and conserving resources.


Climate protection

Bosch sets itself the target of reducing carbon dioxide emissions at all manufacturing sites worldwide by at least 20 percent by 2020 compared to 2007 levels.


Environmental technology

Bosch generates some 40 percent of its sales with products that specifically aim to minimize environmental impact and raw material consumption. We invest around half of our research and development budget in these areas.


Environmental Award

The Reutlingen location receives the Baden-Württemberg Environmental Award for its exemplary energy concept.


Green locations

The Bosch production plants in Stuttgart-Feuerbach and Homburg/Saar receive the Lean & Green Efficiency Award, presented by an independent panel of representatives from science and industry. The Homburg/Saar location also receives the “Deutscher Ideenpreis” (German prize for ideas) for its systematic approach to energy optimization.