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Principles of work safety and environmental protection

Below you can find more information on work safety and environmental protection at Bosch.

As a result of our gradual expansion of the environmental management systems at our sites since 1996, 197 of our 259 locations have now been certified to ISO 14001. We have introduced a maturity model for all manufacturing sites and development locations, which will serve as the basis for further improvements in environmental protection, occupational safety, and fire safety. We also share best practice solutions that promote international cooperation.

Design for Environment (DfE)

Our worldwide network of DfE coordinators is continuously integrated into the environmental management system at Bosch. The Design for Environment team ensures that energy efficiency, recycling objectives, and material restrictions are factored into the product development process and that Bosch products help protect the environment and conserve resources. As part of competence management at Bosch, a global training concept for Design for Environment is currently being put together. In terms of product-oriented environmental protection, a database helps determine and document relevant data on products and materials for old vehicles. This internal Bosch system is interfaced to the International Material Data System (IMDS). This system makes it easier for developers to enter data and improves data quality by means of integrated test processes.