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Reporting a Compliance case


Compliance Contact

Robert Bosch Ltda.
Compliance Officer
Rodovia Anhangüera, Km. 98

Reporting a compliance case

1. Collection and processing of personal data and information

The report of a compliance case to the compliance officer is voluntary. Please note, however, that we are able to receive and process reports only if you confirm that you have read and taken note of this Data Protection Notice and consent to the processing of the reports as described herein. We therefore kindly ask you to consent by ticking the box “I Consent“ before clicking on the button “Continue” at the bottom of this Data Protection Notice. You will then be guided to the proper contact details.

You may file your report anonymously. However, we encourage you to identify yourself. The information provided by you will be treated confidentially in any case.

If you report a compliance case to the compliance officer he will collect the following personal data and information:

  • your name and your contact details (provided you do not want to report anonymously);
  • whether you are employed by Bosch;
  • the name and other personal data of the persons you name in your report (e.g. description of functions, contact details);
  • a description of the misconduct as well as a description of the circumstances of the incident, including time and place of the incident, the affected Bosch entity, and whether management has knowledge of the incident;
  • any questions you may have.

2. Processing and storing of personal data and information

Any personal data and information that you report to the compliance officer may be stored in the database of the BOSCH COMPLIANCE HOTLINE. The BOSCH COMPLIANCE HOTLINE is provided by Robert Bosch GmbH, Robert-Bosch-Platz 1, 70839 Gerlingen-Schillerhöhe (“BOSCH”). The database where the personal data and information provided by you may be stored is hosted and operated by NAVEX Global Inc., 6000 Meadows Road, Suite 200, Lake Oswego, OR 97035, USA („NAVEX Global“). NAVEX Global operates the database for LRN Corporation, 1100 Glendon Avenue, Suite 700, Los Angeles, CA 90024, USA („LRN“) which in turn acts for BOSCH.

LRN and NAVEX Global adhere to the so called Safe Harbor Principles that ensure a level of data protection as available in the EU for the transfer of personal data to the US. You may access the Safe Harbor Principles at