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(Not) A question of age

(Not) A question of age

For further information on intergenerational cooperation and knowledge exchange, please visit our career page

Competence is not a question of age. What matters is the combination of practical experience and fresh ideas. Our goal is to create a working environment where up to four generations can work together – from the approximately 6,500 apprentices worldwide to the more than 1,600 former associates over 65 who continue their commitment to Bosch as senior experts. This results in an intergenerational exchange. While young managers provide support for the more experienced ones in using new software, for example, they themselves benefit from the leadership and specialist skills of the experienced senior consultants. Their targeted support is required when it comes to the start-up of a new production line, for instance, or for quality assurance in a production facility.

In other words, we encourage knowledge transfer and are open to the needs of the different generations. We are therefore committed to lifelong learning and active health management.