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Inova Energia – Innovation Public Funding with focus on energy efficiency projects

The Join Action Plan “Inova Energia” is an initiative aimed at coordinating development actions for innovation and improvement of the integration of the support tools provided by Finep, the BNDES, and the National Electric Energy Agency (Aneel) for the following purposes:

  • To support the development and dissemination of electronic and microelectronic devices, systems, integrated solutions and standards for the implementation of Smart Grids in Brazil;
  • To support Brazilian companies in the development and technological field of the production chains of the following renewable energy sources: solar photovoltaic, solar thermals collectors and wind power for electricity generation;
  • To support initiatives that promote the development of integrators and densification of components chain in the production of hybrid/electric vehicles, preferably ethanol fueled, and the improvement of energy efficiency of motor vehicles in the country;
  • To enhance the coordination of development actions and improve the integration of financial support instruments available.