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Power Tools

Power Tools
Power Tools

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Power Tools

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Bosch offers to customers and to the industry in general, complete solutions in all tool lines the company is active. That is what makes Bosch the leading brand in Power Tools in Brazil.

As a differential regarding competitors, Bosch has the largest range of products in the market and a wide distribution network, consisting of resellers and stores to final consumers.

There are over 11 thousand points of sale in Brazil, total. Bosch is leader in technology development for this market, making constant innovations in its products to offer the best performance, safety and efficiency.

In addition to supplying the domestic market, Bosch exports Power Tools to the entire Latin America.

Operation Areas

Blue Line and Hammer Line – mainly targeted to civil construction’s market: Construction, Metal/Mechanical and Petroleum industries. Small, medium and large companies extremely rigorous with quality.

Accessories – they are not an isolated business. Bosch invests on disclosure of the system (machine + accessory) as the ideal solutions compound for the requirements of experienced users. The accessories fit all types of machine in the market and not only Bosch products.