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Making dreams come true

A dream is not dreamed alone and making it come true isn't always easy.

But the architect Andrea decided to take a side on Mr. Antônio and his son's dream.

They worked hard to make this dream come true! And Bosch is part of it.

Play the video and learn about this touching story.

More about GLM 30.

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Laser Measurer GLM 30

Laser Measurer GLM 30 is Bosch solution for those who can’t bear to stretch and pull manual measure tapes.

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Laser tools for you.

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GLM 30 Professional

One button for everything
Intuitive and simple.
Fits in your pocket.
Easy calculation
Featuring an automatic sum function.
Protection against dust, water gush and fall in the worksite.
ISO-certified laser distance measurer.
More visibility
Automatically lit screen.

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