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"I was fascinated when I knew how a highway was managed"

Donizetti Aparecido Pinto

Animals on the highway, a flat tire, lack of fuel, problems in car engine, driver's malaise, accidents... Everything goes through accurate and attentive eyes! There is a complex and fascinating job that works 24-hours, to ensure that your trip is safer!

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Technology that makes the difference

Did you know that there are several monitoring cameras positioned at strategic points in Anhanguera-Bandeirantes System?

Being 319.8 kilometers long and having an average daily traffic of 880,000 vehicles, it connects important cities of the State of São Paulo in Brazil. Monitor everything that is happening is not a simple task!

CCR AutoBAn, the concessionary managing Anhanguera-Bandeirantes System, counts on a modern Operational Control Center of 24-hour active monitoring. Through high-definition screens, more than 29 expert professionals remain attentive to highways routine, ready to help users in several traffic situations. It represents more than 3.4 million supports provided by SOS User, which counts on traffic inspection vehicles, tow trucks, rescue vehicles, irrigators and other vehicles for operational support.

Bosch solutions play an important role in this monitoring, as they allow user identification, even before help is asked. Like eyes, cameras capture every motion on the road, and agility is a decisive factor; through cameras it is possible to identify events and activate required resource, police cars and ambulances our indicate road conditions for user. Cameras are provided with cutting-edge technology, ideal to don`t make distortions in visualization, allowing dynamic and continuous settings of contrast definitions, providing high-resolution images from places affected by fog, mist or in other situations of reduced visibility.

With extremely high luminous sensitivity, MIC Cameras allow night images at long distances, in a clear and accurate manner. With a cleaning resource (optional), through remote command, operator activates a wiper installed on the camera and uses rainwater to clean the lens.

 Higher durability is another feature of Bosch MIC series cameras, with an average time between failures of around 10 years, it allows invested value reduction in up to 70%, as replacement and logistics services to carry out maintenances on lanes may represent in some cases, 20% of product value. Moreover, they are provided with a belt-free handling system and motors are brushless, allowing functioning with 7x24 handling with no equipment useful life reduction.

Safety on the highway

When it comes to safety in traffic, the more you know, the better it is. Prudent actions may make the difference for your travel safety.

Situation in which Bosch solutions improve your security

Know how Bosch Security Solutions can help you. Beside the MIC series cameras, Bosch has a range of security system solutions.